Large Format Tiles 

An Elegant Use of Space

Large format, slab and panel tiles have steadily gained popularity over the years due to their easy maintenance and ability to create an elegant finish in many types of spaces. They provide a clean, sleek look that helps a space flow from room to room and feel airy. Larger tiles also mean fewer grout joints, which means easier cleaning for you! At Cerbis, we stock the latest styles in large format tiles for your indoor and outdoor needs.

Natural Stone Look

The most sought-after choice for renovators and trades seeking large format tiles is a natural stone look. In recent years, tile manufacturers have harnessed advanced technologies to create subtle colour and texture variations that can mimic just about any type of stone including marble, granite, limestone, travertine and more, at a fraction of the price and care requirements of real stone whilst still retaining all the beauty.

Concrete And Timber Looks

Large format tiles have been a historically popular choice for highrise lobbies, grand entryways and other commercial settings to achieve an expansive, extravagant look. However, take a look in any architectural magazine, and you’ll find homeowners have started to use larger tiles throughout their homes. Large format tiles, especially in concrete and timber finishes, can help a space achieve an open and luxurious feel.

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