Stackstone-Look Tiles

Beautiful Texture

To add style, texture and aesthetic appeal to a space, stackstone-look tiles can be an excellent choice. Stackstone refers to the arrangement of natural, flat stones into a tile, also known as wall cladding. Use it to create beautiful feature walls, adorn columns, pillars or fireplaces. Stackstone-look tiles have both exterior and interior applications so the limit is your imagination!

Versatile and Durable

With its natural stone effect, stackstone carries unique and beautiful colour variations that create texture and an unrivaled aesthetic in your space with durability to match. No two panels are exactly the same, and that’s what creates such stunning visual appeal. Stackstone-look tiles are available in a myriad of colours, everything from stunning reds, pinks, tans, whites, greys, blues or a combination of them!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Stackstone

Stackstone-look tile panels are a great choice due to their versatility. They can help you hide an uneven wall, which makes them great for renovations. Although, because of their weight, stackstone-look tiles require careful sealing, preferably on a concrete or brick wall. Plasterboard walls are not ideal because they may not hold the weight of the tiles effectively. If you’re not sure which stackstone-look tile option is right for you, speak with a Cerbis tile specialist today.

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