Travertine-Look Tiles

Transform with Travertine

The Travertine stone look, with its dreamy sandy, almond colours, and natural variation, offer beautiful application for the home. Inspired by the ancient ruins of Rome and classic villas of the Mediterranean, travertine-look tiles are especially desirable in entertaining areas and rooms with a great indoor-outdoor flow.

A Timeless Style

The uses for travertine-look tiles are practically endless! This gorgeous finish is an excellent choice for flooring, bathrooms and more.The travertine look is popular amongst designers, architects and landscapers thanks to its elegance and earthy colour palette. Used in combination with lighting, the travertine-look puts on a beautiful display, day or night.

Achieving the Travertine Look

Like any stone tile look, it’s important to source your tiles from reputable manufacturers that can achieve the right balance of shades and hues to meticulously mimic the real thing and stand the test of time. If you’re looking to include travertine-look tiles in your next building or renovation project, get in touch with Cerbis Ceramics team to ensure you get the right tiles for the job.

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