Floor Tiles

Floors that Inspire

Flooring is often overlooked in the design of the home, but they remain an ever-important choice in both the feel of a space and its function. Floor tiles are a great investment as they are durable, eye-catching and easy to clean. Discover how our Cerbis floor tiles can revitalise your space.

Choosing the Right Floor Tiles

Tile flooring can be a beautiful addition to many rooms in a home or building. When starting a flooring renovation project, consider first where the tile is going to be located and what the room will be used for. Will it be indoors or outdoors? If outdoors, consider the weather elements the tile will be exposed to. Will the space be a high foot traffic area? Based on these considerations and more, our team can provide recommendations for a floor tile that will suit your needs perfectly.

Floor Tile Installation Considerations

Whether you decide to hire a professional or DIY, floor tile installation needs to be done correctly to ensure it lasts you for many years to come. Ensure you start first with quality tile from reputable manufacturers. Next, a tile installation is only as strong as its underlayment. Finally, get creative and use symmetry in your tile layout to soothe and please the eye.

Why Choose Cerbis?

    35 years of tile selection expertise

    From small home projects to complete site fitouts, our experts will help you create a beautiful space that stands the test of time.

    Trade-scalable Quantities

    We guarantee 90% of the tiles and products on display are in-stock at our nearby warehouse and ready in scalable quantities.


    Prompt Delivery

    We’ve proudly built a reputable supply and delivery network that ensures our tiles are on time for your project.

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